The America Exhibit in November

| 07 June, 2014 16:07


I was thinking about what inspired me about the concept of America , the theme of an upcoming juried invitational exhibition to be held at the State Museum in Trenton. Since the theme conjures up visual images of vast spaces, diversity, urban concepts, my challenge as an abstract artist was to address this theme as I felt it personally and of all the thousands of ways to see it, I could only see one thing so I began to explore the possible ways of speaking to the issue of being an leaving the known , the loved, the language, the people of ones life for some unknown dream, some imagined state of betterment. What risks are taken, over land, over seas..and always in the background the unknown.

I have two paintings now, one very dark and one filled with light.. I talk with other artists invited to submit work and we each struggle with the similiar issues...does this work speak to what it is I am trying to say. Each painting, sculpture, done for this event will reflect its creator in concepts and media. I am comfortable with both works and even if neither is accepted , I will be pleased to have addressed this theme as a challenge and for the opportunity to be considered for the November exhibition..