Unprimed Canvas

| 11 November, 2013 12:22

It was a morning of recollection as I revisited my daughter Rebecca, who tragically passed away this year in February . Again my sketchbook was my companion at breakfast. Along with the sketches, poems filled the pages, poems of remembrance, and grief. It dawned on  me that after 30 years of teaching in an Art Therapy classroom , I was finally designing my own passage into grief recovery and now that the poetry had been written, the sketches, recorded.. my muse pointed me straight to the studio. The unprimed canvas drapped over the stretchers, waiting to be attached and readied for new work, beckoned to be used in its natural state so I resisted my usual urge to apply gesso, and began to print on the dampened raw canvas. The print then evolved into an abstract meditation of my daughters presence in my life and I began a letter written in graphite all around the edges, words piled over each other, creating their own distinctive patterns and forms. I will stretch this exciting adventure into the healing qualities of art this morning, its quiet elegance a reminder of a precious loved one who will always be here with me. This is the first of a new series which explore "presence" and its power even when the physicallity of that presence is gone.