When I work in my studio I move within a personal space where I attempt to create a new language, one that is relevant to my own life and in this way my paintings are explorations, manifestations of the present moment, its fleeting and unhearalded passage from the present to the past. Each work is a moment in time, a liberation of inner feelings, a voice to words unsaid. I prefer not to choose content but allow myself to submit to the work instead.

 Ideas, composition, media, all are available for the taking, depending upon the moment of inspiration, which is probably the reason many of my works are mixed media. The choice of material or technique , the use of collage, sand, relief surfaces, pouring, are simply means to an end,  a spontaneous response to the work in progress. There is in my mind no definitive finish line, no predetermined magical moment of conclusion. It is important that I do not forget to maintain an ongoing conversation with my work which sometimes means reaching a thoughtful conclusion and other times a flash of work completed almost as quickly as it was begun.